In the sport of snooker, a century break refers to scoring 100 points or more within one turn at the table, without missing a shot. The player does this by potting red balls and coloured balls alternately.

Scoring 100 points over the course of a whole frame is not a century. It must be done during one break (turn at the table). Points for a foul shot by the opponent do not count in a player's break.

The highest possible century in snooker is 147 (a "maximum break"), composed of 15 reds, 15 blacks and the six remaining colours; yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and black potted consecutively.

Under exceptional circumstances, it is possible to score a break of 155. Should a player come to the table after a foul shot by the opponent and is unable to hit both sides of any red ball, he may nominate one of the colours as a red. Under these circumstances, it is possible to pot 16 reds and blacks, plus 27 points for the six remaining colours, totalling 155 points.

To score a century, there must be at least ten reds (or nine in a free ball situation) on the table when the player comes to play. If there are nine reds, then the most that can be scored is 99 points (9 x 8 + 27 = 99).


  • The seven-time former world champion Stephen Hendry holds the record for century breaks in tournament play, having made over 700.
  • Hendry also holds the record for making the most centuries in a single match, compiling seven during the final of the 1994 UK Championship. During this match, Hendry compiled six centuries in a span of eight frames.
  • Hendry holds the record for the most centuries in a season, making 52 in the 1995/96 season.
  • Hendry holds the record for the most century breaks made in a single event having made 16 centuries during the 2002 Embassy World Championship.
  • The quickest recorded century break in tournament play was by Tony Drago. In the 1996 UK Championship, he took just 3 minutes 31 seconds (211 seconds) to score a hundred.
  • Stephen Maguire made five consecutive centuries at the 2004 British Open comprising the last three frames of his quarter final and the first two frames of the semi-final.
  • Ronnie O'Sullivan holds the record for making the most centuries in a best-of-9 match compiling five centuries to beat Ali Carter 5-2 at the 2007 Northern Ireland Trophy. O'Sullivan is the only player to win a match by making a century in every single frame that he won.

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