Template:Snooker tournaments sidebar The Snooker Shoot-Out is a snooker tournament played under a variation of the standard rules, which was held in January 2011. The tournament was sponsored by

It is a 1 frame shoot-out with a random draw. The winner of the inaugural tournament walked away with £32,000. 64 players contest the tournament, which was shown on Sky, the first time that Sky has shown a World Snooker event live since 2004. Frames are subjected to a 20 second shot clock in the first five minutes and to a 15 second shot clock in the last five minutes, meaning whoever is ahead at that point will win. The event has been compared to cricket's Twenty20 matches.


  • 10 minutes per frame
  • Shot clock: First 5 minutes of the match, players have 20 seconds per shot. Last 5 minutes of a match players have 15 seconds per shot.
  • Players must hit a cushion OR pot a ball with every shot.
  • All foul will result in ball in hand
  • Players ‘lag’ for who breaks
  • In an event of a tie: Blue Ball shoot out.


Year Winner Opponent Final score Season
2011 . . 2010/11