The World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association, often abbreviated to the WPBSA, founded in 1968 and based in Bristol, England, Great Britain, United Kingdom is the governing body of professional Snooker and English billiards. It sets the sports' rules, organises tournaments and the pro-am and pro tours, and engages in various promotional activities.


The WPBSA operates as both the professional governing body of the two cue sports, alongside its amateur counterpart in the International Billiards and Snooker Federation (IBSF), as well as a trade association promoting snooker and billiards more generally generally. It is sometimes mistakenly assumed that the "P" in "WPBSA" stands for "Pool", but in fact, the organisation does not include pool in its remit.

Its subsidiary, the World Snooker Association, is responsible for running and administering snooker's main ranking circuit events. These include the Shanghai Masters, Grand Prix, UK Championship, Welsh Open, China Open and the World Snooker Championship. The latter is one of the most famous and popular events on the sporting calendar, with a global audience which runs into hundreds of millions. Staged at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield since 1977, it is the richest, most prestigious and most important tournament in snooker. The subsidiary is often referred to informally as simply World Snooker, although this is more properly the title of its website.

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